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The Coolest Keychains We've Seen Are...

Some of the most popular keychains that we've come across have almost always been very colorful and have had a print to show off a statement or an attitude.
In our experience, people want bright and attention stealing little gadgets in their keyrings. They want people to really see their keychains. Simply put, people want cool keychains.

And why not? Put yourself in their seat. If you insist on carrying something around that actually adds to the size of the keyring, don't you too want to be completely certain that people can see and comment upon it?

Furthermore, if you'd happen to drop your keys to your car or even your house, having a keychain which really stands out and is easy to see can dramatically increase the chances of you finding them, as you start re-tracing your steps throughout the day.

To take it a step further, imagine that somebody happens to find your keys and turn them in to the nearest police station for someone to claim them. Having a really unique keychain can help make it easier for the police to get the keys back to their rightful owner - you!

So don't overthink whether you should add a keychain to your ring. Just do it!

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